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Capacity Building Workshops

Capacity Building Workshops

May 31, 2023

First ELEVATE Capacity Building Workshop, focusing on introducing the Climate Policy Database and the new version of the Climate Policy Modelling Protocol.

Recording of the presentations and materials available.

I Capacity Building Workshop

Climate Policy Database and Modelling Protocol

Date and time: May 31st, 2023 @1:00-3:30PM (CET)

The workshop was held online.

About the workshop:

The Climate Policy Database is a collaborative effort to track policy planning and adoption and identify global and national policy coverage gaps. We identify, categorise and analyse mitigation-relevant policies to support national ambition raising efforts. The database is maintained by NewClimate Institute with support from PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and Wageningen University and Research. During ELEVATE, the database will be updated and expanded with additional countries, sectors, domains (e.g., SDGs, biodiversity, energy security) and “good practice policies”. In addition, important assumptions, including implemented policies (i.e., current policies) and NDCs, and how these can be integrated into models, will be secured in the Climate Policy Modelling Protocol. The aim of this ELEVATE Capacity Building Workshop is to present the Climate Policy Database and the Modelling Protocol in a user-friendly way, helping teams navigate their attributes and enhancing implementation capacity across models, building upon the effort made during previous Horizon projects.

Speakers: Leonardo Nascimento (NewClimate), Santiago Woollands (NewClimate), Ioannis Dafnomilis (PBL) and Elena Hooijschuur (PBL)
Moderators: Zoi Vrontisi (E3M), Isabela Tagomori (PBL) and Sanchit Agarwal (TERI

Recording from the main presentations:

  • Climate Policy Database

  • Climate Policy Modelling Protocol

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