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Questionnaire on policy scenarios

To enhance the policy scenarios developed as part of the ELEVATE project, we have created a concise questionnaire capturing insights and opinions on a critical characteristic of these scenarios: the different ways they can extended after 2030 until 2100. The survey consists of 9 questions and should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. We would greatly appreciate your participation!



To assess progress towards the Paris Agreement’s temperature goals, modellers working with Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs) develop scenarios reflecting current mitigation efforts. These scenarios are compared with pathways limiting global warming to 1.5 and well below 2 °C, and used to show the consistency of current efforts with long-term climate targets. The results are used for instance for the key conclusions of UNEP and IPCC on end-of-century global warming resulting from current efforts. Because current policies typically have 2030 as their target year, an assumption about developments between 2030 and 2100 needs to be made to estimate full century impacts and consistency with the long-term climate targets. Researchers have developed various methods to do this, which strongly influence outcomes. The main aim of this questionnaire is to collect your opinions on these methods: what make most sense to you?

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